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All teams are either sponsored by or receive support in the form of deep discounts on admission and or paint. Isn't it time you get your team to Chicago and the Midwest's only true team practice facility for the past 20 years. Submit a roster and you're all set.

The Badlandz has been home to the most successful teams in the Midwest & some of the most winning teams in the world. If you want to be great at paintball, there is only one place to get great!

Sponsored Team Practice: $49.99 with entry and a case (GI Sportz 1 Star or equivalent)
Team Obligation: Because you are a Badlandz team it does not allow you to treat visiting teams or players in any disrespectful fashion. We are interested in growing our family not pushing people away.


You must adhere to all fields rules, you have received a discounted entrance fee and discounted practice paint. You may be on a team that gets to offset your expenses by reffing and helping out. Your team may get deeply discounted tournament paint. We are happy to work with and help all teams. Just don't confuse this with the fact that you can get away with breaking the rules. Along with what you get should come a heightened sense of obligation to the Home Field.

Tournament teams and players are expected to referee themselves, it's part of the deal when you receive your discounted entry.

Do not abuse the fact you're asked to do this, if we repeatedly have trouble with any one team or player we will ask you to leave and not come back.

A few simple rules to keep in mind for all registered team players:

- Since you are entering team practice you will not be able to play in our walk-on games unless you pay a small up charge for a walk-on wristband.
- Team players will be placed in our advanced walk-on games.
- Teams must primarily ref themselves, while we provide a ref he is there to keep things safe and under control, not to call you out.

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Badlandz Woodsball

With the most famous wooded fields in the Midwest and possibly the world Badlandz will continue to improve your woodsball experience.

Scattered throughout the year look for; clinics, woodsball tournaments (like the new UWL 5-Man Series), and UWL practices all culminating in the UWL World Championships.

With home teams Rock N' Roll Death Patrol and many others calling us home how can you go wrong? Plus look for Aftershock to become more involved in the coming months, getting back to our roots while helping to build our woodsball community.

Once your team is registered, each individual player will receive the team discount every time they play. For less than what most fields charge for just paint you'll get a case and all day play on your own field with other core woodsballers that share your passion for competition.

What's it cost to register? $100 per player to receive $40 paint & entry. Without registering it's $50.


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