What to Wear

Baggy, loose fitting pants work out well, jeans or sweatpants can be just to tight and thin. If all you have is an old pair of jeans, just make sure they have some room in them or it may be target time (the store). Also muted or camo colors work best, if you happen to have an old pair of olive painters pants you’d be a lucky guy/girl. As for the upper half, if its hot we’d suggest a t-shirt with a sweatshirt over it or if its cold a thermal long sleeve with a hoodie. Pick an old pair of gym shoes that has a pretty aggressive tread along with a thick pair of socks. Gloves are completely optional, as some people love ’em and some just feel they get in the way of your trigger finger.

For your head a beanie works just fine and for your neck you may choose to add a bandanna. And for the guys you may consider a cup. Its your call and no we don’t check.

It never hurts to throw an old towel and a change of clothes in your car for the ride home. We do have a few creeks and some areas with mud leading up to them. It’s never too bad when you’re on your feet, but when you try crossing with an unintended superman dive, the drive home can be a long one.