Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday we are open and we will be running airsoft games. Participation will vary but is steadily growing.

Open Play
$25 Entry & BYOBBs

There are some rules that must be followed and our staff has been trained to handle airsoft related questions. These rules are as follows:
All weapons must be chronographed by an official the day of the event. Weapons are measured on an average of three shots. If a weapon shoots too hot, it cannot be used. Weapons are not allowed to shoot more than 20 RPS. You must have the proper face protection on while in the chrono area.

Weapons class and fps limits (measured with .20g BBs): Assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and support weapons: Max 400fps, 10′ MED. If possible, bang kills for point blank shots should be offered for safety. Support weapons must be based on a real support weapon. Maximum weight BB’s that can be used is .30g. Bang kills are performed by stating “Bang “with your weapon pointed at a player. To Bang kill an enemy player, the weapon must be pointed at the enemy and be functioning with a magazine in the weapon and the enemy must be within 10′. Only 3 Bang kills can be performed in succession.

DMR (semi-auto only): Max 450fps, 50′ MED. The weapon must be permanently altered to semi-auto only. Maximum weight BB’s that can be used is also 30g.

Sniper Rifle (Spring bolt action): Max 600fps, 100′ MED. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class fps or have a spotter. Spotter must have a weapon that is not another sniper rifle. If the spotter dies, the sniper must not shoot at any enemies closer than 100′. Maximum weight BB’s that can be used is 30g.

Grenade Launchers: Shower grenades only kill enemy players by hitting them with BB’s. Projectiles such as nerf rockets or foam rounds will kill through any type of cover with a kill radius of 30′.

Grenades: Any grenade that expels BB’s or dried peas (such as tornado grenades or pea grenades) only kill enemy players by hitting them with the BB’s or dried peas inside. Grenades that explode or create sound (such as Thunder B’s) kill through soft cover only and have a kill radius of 20′. Some examples of soft cover are vegetation, and trees. Only cold burning pyrotechnics are allowed such as pea grenades or wire pull smoke grenades. Homemade and hot burning pyrotechnics are not allowed.

Rubber knives are allowed, but must be approved by an official prior to use. Real knives are not allowed on the playfield. You must tap the player with the rubber knife in order to eliminate the player. Do not stab or throw the knife.

Only plastic BB’s can be used.

Respect for other people, wildlife, equipment, and property is required.

Real weapons are not allowed on the field. Large knives and firearms are included.

Eye protection must never be removed on the field. If your goggles fog up or accidently come off you face, you must take a knee and call “Man Down” Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a full face mask or Full seal goggles with a wire mesh lower. Anyone over the age 18 can wear full seal googles only at their discretion. Goggles must be ANSI Z87.1 approved and full seal with a retaining strap.

Over shooting and blind firing are not allowed. No “Blind Firing,” you must see your target and have your weapon shouldered or in direct line of site to the target. If you are caught blind firing into the brush and there is no enemy in the area you are shooting, then you are dead and will have to respawn.

Opposing players that unintentionally bump into, crash, or otherwise meet by accident while searching for each other should both be considered out. This is to avoid point blank engagements or “panic fire.”

Every player must have a red kill rag to signal when they are hit, if they do not have one they will be asked to leave the field and get one.

Radio eavesdropping is allowed only at the permission of the Event Organizer. When players are in the safe zone, their weapons must be magazine out and a barrel sleeve on it.

We have a simple yet effective emergency procedure which we call the “Blindman Rule”. Whether it is an injury or game issue a Blindman call signifies the halting of all play immediately, no exceptions. If you have an issue or injury or see one you need to stop active play so yell out “Blindman” as loud as you can and continue until another player, game organizer or referee has come to assist you. The Blindman call should be echoed by all players and will continue until all players on the field have been notified.

Players not involved in the Blindman call must safety their weapons, and await further instructions. Players are not allowed to take advantage of this break in the action to advance to a better position; rather they should stay exactly where they are. Also, players should not remove their masks or safety gear until notified. Think of it as a time-out. When the Blindman call has been resolved the game organizers and referees will notify the players if/when the game will continue. Communication is key in these situations and should be taken seriously.

Players must clear the hop up of their weapon before they exit the playing field. Medic/corpsman role: Instead of exiting the playing field, the ‘wounded’ player lays down, stays where he/she is, and calls “MEDIC!” The team’s designated medic must get to the player to reactivate the player. The wounded player cannot fire.
The wounded player may talk to teammates regarding enemy positions, etc.
The wounded player may move to a new location only if escorted by live players.
The medic can drag the player to cover.
If the game requires the Medic role to be utilized, players will have a 2 minute bleed-out time. The way the medic can respawn you will be based on the game. If a medic provides you a respawn on the field, the medic must stay within 5′ of you until you are healed.

Engineer / EOD role: If the game requires the Engineer role to be utilized, IED’s, mines or booby-traps may be on the field. There may also be missions that require the Engineer to demo something. If any players activate an IED or booby-trap they are dead and anyone in the 10′ radius are automatically dead. This includes friendly fire.
Fps= feet per second
MED= minimum engagement distance
DMR= designated marksmen rifle
EOD= explosive ordinance disposal
IED= improvised explosive device
RPS= rounds per second