Mike Bruno Aftershock Jersey


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Aftershock is back where we belong with JT, and we thought the time was right to release some retro team jerseys. Aftershock is proud to work with JT again, just like we did back in the mid to late 90’s when we were the first Pro team to drop camouflage and start wearing JT’s Rave jerseys designed to make us look more like a sports team.

This latest JT Aftershock jersey is printed on the higher-quality JT Odyssey Pro jersey. We will be releasing various current and former players’ jerseys for purchase. The drops will be done in 1-week time frames, so if that’s the jersey you want, then you only have 7 days to place your order.

JT is telling us to allow for a 6 to 8-week turnaround from the day they are ordered. If you’d like your jersey autographed by the player there is no additional cost to you but it may add an amount of time. Each jersey is $179.99 delivered to the lower 48. Anywhere else is p.o.r. so drop it in the notes with your order. After the 7 days are up, that jersey will no longer be available in the same pattern ever again. We are doing Mike Bruno’s first in camo but we may run another Bruno someday in the colors JT had us wearing after camo was phased out.

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