Digital Waiver

The waiver form must be filled out for every player regardless of age in order to participate.

**Important Message for anyone under the age of 18**
Before you will be allowed to play at the Badlandz you must first give us a waiver that:

1) Your parent or legal guardian has signed IN OUR PRESENCE.
2. Your parent or legal guardian has filled out the digital waiver option with their information as well as your information.They must have successfully submitted it online and received the confirmation email. Once this is done nothing further is needed.

You may choose to comply with either #1 or #2, but you MUST do one of the two in order to play. Every weekend we have kids under 18 get dropped off and end up standing around the parking lot, not able to play. ALL DAY. This is because their parents did not sign them in!!! DON’T BE THAT KID!

Thank You.